The ways to do so include contributing to the efforts to creating educational opportunities, faciliating educational goals, health and wellness activities, fostering diversity awareness, strengthening coexistence among people groups, celebrating innovation, and setting the stage for human rights and justice.




The Gosha Education Foundation mission is to seek to create a unified Somali Bantu generation through education and culture.

We are a volunteer driven non-profit organization that serves Somali Bantu youth, especially the Gosha youth.


It is our belief that this support will facilitate the opportunities for advancement, growth, and leadership.


In order to accomplish this mission, we strive to develop opportunties that foster diversity and celebrate innovation. These endeavors will strengthen our coexistence to promote the progression of a society builty on equality and peace.

Our Vision at Gosha Education Foundation is to immerse Somali Bantu children in a cultural environment that encourages Education, Leadership, and Well-Being.

Through concentrating efforts toward the healthy development of an emerging Gosha generation, we are committed to the preservation of our collective voice on the global stage.

1. Partner with local leaders in developing strategic planning for community supported schools.

2. Provide school age children (boys and girls) from ages 5 through 18 with basic education resources to attend elementary and secondary schools.

3. Provide resources and financial assistance to develop income opportunities for Somali Bantu families.

4. Increase public awareness as to the ethnic and racial difference of Somali Bantu and the oppression and suffering of the Somali Bantu in Somalia.

5. Work with other non-profit organizations in Somalia to address the famine, need for clean water, and poverty of the Somali Bantu peoples.





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