Do you have a need for language interpretation?

Did you know that 100% of our language services and your donations benefit the Somali Bantu children?


These children and families have limited access to basic human needs and Zero access to education.


They have been the "un-touchables" of Somalia.



We have professionally trained interpreters/translators for the following languages

Kizigua (Chizigula), Swahili, Somali, and Maymay (MaiMai)

Our interpreters are qualified in the following settings : Medical, Lower Courts ( police departments, foster care, lower courts), Schools, and Immigration offices and more

Excellent service is achieved by implementing a transparent communication.  We are here to eliminate communication barriers. 100% of the revenue from this service benefits the Gosha Somali Bantu Children. Service available 24/7 Please contact a Board member.

On-going project:

Tanzania school to serve 230-300 local children with basic education is being built.

we will be needing the support of all our representatives to promote this effort.


A gated building with a well is being negociated for renting to serve 300-500 children in Kismayo, Somalia. 

current lack of water and famine in Africa is at alarming rates.

Even $2 US goes a long way to helping, especially when we all collect all litte together.


To avoid crocodiles and unhealthy water, we strive to support drilling for new wells and new farming techniques for better crops.




U.S.A Services- Interpretation


Agriculture and Wells

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